Clear Fashion, the “Yuka” of fashion

Mar 22, 2021 | News

The Yuka application has conquered the world because of its effectiveness in helping people consume healthier. For the past two years, the French application Clear Fashion has been inspired by this model to apply it to another field: fashion. Indeed, Clear Fashion allows people to get information and to act for a more responsible fashion.

Created in 2019 by Rym Trabelsi and Marguerite Dorangeon, the idea for the company was born two years earlier. While studying at AgroParisTech, the two students were thinking of a way to reduce their environmental impact. Today, the application has more than 150,000 downloads and has convinced 150 brands to make an effort to be transparent in order to be evaluated on the platform.

In concrete terms, Clear Fashion works like a directory where a very large number of brands are listed. The brands are evaluated on 4 main pillars: environmental impact, working conditions, health risks and animal welfare. On each of these topics, each brand is given a score out of 100, allowing the brand to be judged as to whether it is ethical, responsible, sustainable or vegan. Another possibility of the application is to scan the barcode of a garment to obtain its score directly on your phone.

Behind this application is the desire to change practices in the fashion sector. The interest is to give consumers access to information that will enable them to make fairer and more respectful purchases, whether it be for the environment, animals or even humans. Co-founder Rym Trabelsi explained to France 3: “As a consumer, we have a role to play. We must be able to change things. The problem is that we lack information.

We at Melius Mundus welcome this initiative, whose development can only be beneficial to the fashion sector. Moreover, Clear Fashion allows us to bring visibility to vegan brands that work in a responsible way. The momentum for sustainable fashion is not about to stop as other similar applications such as Viji – which allows to trace clothes from the first design stage to the market – are starting to emerge.

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