Our Selection

All the materials we select meet high standards. They are meticulously worked in order to offer you high quality 100% vegan leather goods.

Ananas Fibres

Made from pineapple leaf fibre waste, pineapple fibre is an innovative, natural, sustainably sourced material.

Mango Residue

Made from discarded mango scraps and naturally occurring additives, this faux leather could easily be mistaken for the original.

Tanned Leaves

Made from Alocasia Macrorrhiza leaves, the leaves have undergone a tanning process free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals and artificial dyes.

Grown in southern Brazil on plots dedicated to reforestation, 100% of the waste generated during the tanning of the leaves is reintegrated into the environment in the form of compost and irrigation water, thus participating in the development of new plants.

Cork imitation Leather

Cork leather is a vegetable material from which only the bark of the cork oak is removed.

This harvest is done every 9 to 10 years, allowing the tree to regenerate and sequester a significant amount of CO2 throughout its life.

Wood Veneer

Made of high quality veneer from sustainable forestry, this material has extremely virtuous ecological properties.

The thin wood is glued to a textile backing and then laser engraved. This fine engraving gives the surface of the wood its flexibility and a unique feel.