Melius Mundus

Élégance au naturel

Shaping a better world

Proud of our roots, Melius Mundus is based in Occitania where we create vegan leather goods. Our products are born from the synergy between the unique know-how of local craftsmen who have worked for the greatest Parisian houses and 3D printing. Our course is rigorously set: to offer an alternative to the extremely polluting “traditional” fashion. To achieve this goal, we are committed to four main principles.


Sustainable Development

It is obvious to us and urgent for the planet, the issue of the environment is part of the very essence of Melius Mundus. We have therefore thought about solutions to limit our impact on the environment. In this sense, our commitment revolves around the materials we use. These are innovative, natural and from sustainable sources.

Local Production

Promoted during the Greater Montauban start-up competition and hosted in one of its business incubators, we naturally wanted to keep this proximity to our territory. With this in mind, we have our creations produced by local craftsmen. In addition to promoting French know-how, this also allows us to limit our carbon footprint.

Creation of tailor-made products

Melius Mundus is also part of the French tradition of elegance. For this, we wish to allow you to express your individuality and originality. The accessories and creations from our workshop are therefore personalizable and made to measure.


The willingness to be a pioneer is found in the very DNA of our company. Whether it is through the choice of materials or with the use of new technologies. Therefore, the use of 3D printing allows us to envisage innovative perspectives in the fashion sector.

Our Actions

Challenge Benefacto

The Melius Mundus Benefacto challenge aims to give you the opportunity, each month, to share the best of your good deeds. The winner will be the person elected by our jury. The good deed does not have to be personal or family related (spending time with grandparents). Although these actions are very honourable, we will favour good deeds that are in line with our deepest values: protection of the environment, defence of the animal cause, positive social impact. As a reward for their kindness, the winner will receive a limited edition Melius Mundus accessory.

The winner will receive a limited edition Melius Mundus accessory.

Donations to charities

We want to be able to support associations that fight for the environment, animal rights, women’s rights, etc. Thus, at the end of each month, we aspire to donate part of our profits to one of these charities that share our commitments.

L’élégance au naturel

This is the motto of our house and of our founder: Addélie Arany. A native of Tarn, Addélie is attracted by the world and cultural diversity. At the age of 20, she decided to pursue her studies in Finland.

From one continent to another, Addélie then settled in Australia. She was then hired by a company that dealt with oil freight. At odds with her convictions, her rise within one of the leaders of the oil freight industry will leave her with only one choice: to leave everything to be at one with herself.

The young woman from the Tarn region then returned to her native land with the firm intention of reconnecting with her ideals. Passionate about fashion and attached to the environment and animals, Addélie decided to combine textiles and veganism. A few months later, her project became a reality and was rewarded during the start-up competition of the Grand Montauban. Melius Mundus is born.